Financial services



We offer independent advice on a range of areas relating to project finance services to help organizations ensure that they have the right advice on lending, risk management, trade, audit certification and verification, and finance training to support their project finance decisions to focus on sustainability, social and environmental risk assessment and management.
Finance services: When it comes down to money, BSC group can help with your business decisions.

When your client approaches you for investment or borrowing for a new project, acquisition or venture, how can you be sure that the idea is viable? How can you make a sound investment or lending decision when the proposal is massively technical, could take years to realize and when only expert, scientific intelligence will convince?

Deploy the services of BSC group. For a start, we have a suite of services surrounding due diligence. Technical due diligence, economic due diligence, environmental and social due diligence, risk assessment, and reserve evaluation: these services are there for you to use when the need arises, and our teams are at your disposal throughout a project’s development phase. We have the necessary experience and international knowledge to ensure your project is being developed up to the standards you require, wherever in the world you are operating.

During projects’ implementation phases, we can carry out construction monitoring, cost reviews, social and environmental monitoring, commissioning monitoring and operational monitoring together with technical and financial risk management, guarantee services and collateral services.

Financiers and banks who provide funding to facilitate trade also need reassurance. We inspect, test and verify cargo and goods, perform collateral management and help you in the flow of trade documentation. Choose BSC group as your third party assurance that the goods exist, as they should and in the right place.

If you are trading materials or commodities, our inspection services can help to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for and that both you and your client receive the right quality, the right quantity, delivered to the right place, and intact. Online analysis? PLC-based control systems? On-site laboratories? We can help you maintain quality – and help you keep your promises.

Less of an overstatement than you might think, BSC group can assist you in virtually any industry. As the world’s leading testing, verification, certification and inspection company, we have a global reach, we are fully versed in local, national and international standards and legislation, and our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in their particular fields.

Like all good services, you can select the precise skill-sets and capabilities that you require. These can be used to augment your existing expertise or you can simply contract out the services that you need to BSC group and we will take care of everything for you.